Emergency Signage (LUMIZAR)

Long life & Universal Mounting Low power consumption Battery backup upto 3 Hours Battery life upto 5 years or 500+ lifecycle LED driver extends the lamp life upto 60.000 hours Dual colour LED used to identify the AC supply/Battery operating status Easy to replace/change the signage board. Terminate switch helps to avoid the battery discharge […]

P.A Horn Speaker (RE-LU100XT)

Horn type speaker 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 12.5W, 15W Watts 275-7000Hz frequency. ABS plastic. Tap Changing by Rotary Switch. Wall/ Celling mountable

P.A Wall Speakers (RE-LS6W / LS20W)

Wall Mounted with 12.5 cm cone speaker for announcement and paging. Attractive, stylish ABS white plastic BOX. The specially designed slim speaker is obtrusive in all interiors. Equipped with the transformer to provide 100 V line. Ideal for office work stations, classrooms, shops, malls, etc. Optional volume control.

Remote Paging (EK-714)

Gooseneck Microphone. All call, announcement, acknowledge status LED indications. System on, Communication Fault, busy & Fault Status LED indications. Maximum 64 Zone wise selection keys. Interface with Public address system via RS-485.

P.A Main Console (e’ Scape)

19″, Rack Mountable System On, Power Fault, Common Fault indication. One inbuilt micrphone facility. Membrane Keypad for user friendly operation. Zone wise speaker selection facility with LED indication. MIC Mode Selection facility. Alalrm activated on automatically announcing mode. Voice recording option available with 250W amplifier combination. • DVD input facility. 100V audio output for speakers.

P.A Ceiling Speakers RE-LS6C

Flush mount Ø 15 cm dynamic cone speaker. Three field selectable power taps. ABS plastic grill with metal punched net. Easy to install with spring catch mount. Connectors with screw for hooking up the wires tightly. Protective dust cover at rear. The white colour of the grill has been selected to be obtrusive in virtually […]

P.A Expander RE-EX series

24 VDC input Voltage 19″2 U rack mountable. Power ON, Communication, fault indications. RS-485 Communication, fault indications. Membrane Keypad for user friendly operation. Zone wise/ Zone group (Speaker line) Selection facility with LED indication. 100V audio output for speaker. Plug type Connector for easy wiring. Alarm activated on automatically announcing mode. Zone expansion in multiple […]

Digital Amplifier (EK-722)

Better sound quality in digital format. 19″, 2 U rack mountable. Low power consumption. Power on, audio level indication. Class D amplifier, Low heat dissipation. Designed for quick and simple plug in type connection Available: 125 / 250 Watts Amplifier

Expander (EK-701 to EK-707)

2 audio input from Ekonics Common fault, communication fault status power 19″, 2 U Rack Mountable Zone wise selection with LED indication All field circuits are supervised.

Single Tube Duct Detector (RE-428 DU-S)

Easy to Install. One-pipe air sampling system. Patented Venture Pipe and Duct housing. Test hole on cover. Sampling tube Available 2ft. Available: Conventional / Addressable.

Special Detectors (RE-386 Series)

24V DC operation. Internal buzzer. 4 wire system operation. Detector auto reset once gas level fall below alarm relay output. N/O alarm relay output. Connects to Zone Module for addressable control and indicating equipment. Available :Natural Gas (Methane) / Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Propane Gas (LPG) Detectors.

Integrated Voice Evacuation System (Ekonics)

4 Audio inputs can configure output to 8 zones. Built-in 12 Programmable DVS / Alarm Messages. One push to talk Microphone provided for announcement. Interface via RS-485 / Triggering input. Zone wise input priority level. Zone wise selection through through Keypad. Voice recording option available.

Isolator Base RE-314 BI

Bidirectional protection device. Yellow color LED indication on active condition. Auto resettable while short rectified. Low standby current. Aluminium plated Screw terminals.

Mimic Card RE-517 MMC

Operates on 120-220 V AC. Provision for battery backup 24 v DC with Built in Charger. RS 485 Communication. Compatible with AVANI. 16 Zone outputs for mimic LED’s ( Expandable upto 64 Zones). DIP Switch addressing. Operates with respect to zone grouping of FACP.