AGD109 Addressable Combustible Gas Detector

Product Category: Ansorl Fire Alarm
Product Type: Addressable
Product Brand: Ansorl

Technical Parameters:
1. Operating Volt: DC24V,voltage range: 12~28V
2. Operating Current:Monitoring status, ≤ 35mA @DC24V; Alarm status, ≤ 40mA @DC24V.
3. Two Bus system:Non polarity two-wire system, current < 400µA
4. Operating environment: Temperature: 0℃~ 55℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation)
5. Alarm Level: Natural gas 10%LEL(±30%),LPG 4% LEL (±3% LEL)
6. Response timing: ≤30 Seconds, reset automatically
7. Working life:>5 years(clear air condition)
8. Power on(or reset):The indicator blinks twice quickly when power on or reset, then it blinks in the turn of green, red, and yellow along with the warning sound of buzzer.
9.The indicator: Warming up status, green indicator blink quickly ( about twice per second);
Monitoring status, green indicator blink once per around 12 seconds (once per minute without signal of two bus system); Alarm status, red indicator blink quickly (twice per second); Fault status of sensor, yellow indicator blink once per 3 seconds.
10. Buzzer: Alarm status, sounds twice per second, Fault status,sounds once per 3 seconds.
11. Selfinspection key: Press the key, the indicator blinks in the turn of green, red, yellow in circles along with the the warning sound of buzzer.12.Dimensions: Ø104mm x 48 mm. Material of enclosure: ABS ( antiflaming VO)
13.Installation: Surface mount or ceiling mount
14.Standards followed: EN54

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