Analogue Addressable Panel (Avani)

Product Category: Ravel Fire
  • UL Listed (9th Edition) as per NFPA-72 Standards.
  • Device / Detector wise configuration facility.
  • 2000 Event Storage with Real Time Clock.
  • Upto 192 grouping and Auto learning facility..
  • All field wiring are power limited and supervised.
  • Programmable detector sensitivity.
  • Loop wise remote device test.
  • 5 IDC Loops (4 Addressable and 1 Conventional loop).
  • Maximum 4 numbers of loop card with Class A,
  • Style 5,6 or 7 and Class B Style 4 wiring.
  • Maximum 254 devices (any combination) per loop. Day/Night Mode facility.
  • USB 2.0 Interface for PC connectivity (field Programmable).
  • Programmable Auto Silence Facility. • Battery low audio, visual warning.
  • Three programmable Form C relay for Fire, Fault and Supervisory.
  • Two no’s of Supervised Notification Appliance Circuits.
  • Unique protocol feature for fast alarm response. • Inbuilt conventional zone circuit.
  • Multi protocol and Peer to Peer Networking.
  • If the main CPU fails, it will raise an alarm like conventional panel.

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