Cabinet Type FK-5-1-12 Total Flood System

Product Category: Fire Protection
Product Brand: China Fire Safety

1230 fluid is a sustainable fire extinguishing clean agent that helps protect high value assets. It is a waterless fire suppressant designed to replace high GWP HFCs like FM-200®.

1230 fluid stops the combustion process by absorbing heat. As part of an advanced fire suppression system, it quickly extinguishes the fire.

1230 systems use fewer cylinders under lower pressure than inert gas systems — requiring less space, less maintenance and less structural reinforcement.

When you choose FK-5-1-12 as your clean agent, you’ll need to specify it as part of a complete fire suppression system. The system you select is based on the agent. These original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) understand the unique chemistry of FK-5-1-12 and have engineered their listed or approved systems to optimize its extinguishing performance and protect your critical assets.

Combined with extinguishing device and electronic accessories, the whole system can be actuated automatically. It can monitor the situation of protective region through detectors and then it can also start the extinguishing device through solenoid actuator automatically. So the whole system can achieve automation totally. Therefore, it can avoid that there is no one who notice the fire when it happens and also it saves much money for employment to supervise the protective area.

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