FK-5-1-12/Novec-1230 Clean Agent Total Flooding Fire Systems

Product Category: Fire Protection
Product Brand: China Fire Safety

FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 Total Flooding Fire System, FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 clean gas automatic fire suppression systems, FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 fire extinguishing system Cabinet Type FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 Fire Extinguisher

When the control mode selection key on the automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing controller is set to the “auto” position, the fire extinguishing system is under automatic control. When a fire occurs in the protection area, the temperature and smoke detectors will send out a fire signal through the automatic fire alarm and extinguishing control After the logic analysis of the device, it sends out a combined sound and light alarm signal, and sends out a linkage command at the same time to close the linkage device. After a delay, a fire extinguishing command is issued, the starting valve is opened to release the starting gas.

Advantages: Automatic FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 Total Flooding Fire System, FK-5-1-12 / Novec-1230 clean gas automatic fire suppression systems.

Very swift fire suppression. Reach extinguishing level ≤10s. Safe to people. People is safe when exposed at the FM200 gas discharge level. Low extinguishing concentration. Nearly no obscure to vision in person evacuation. Easy to clean. No residue left, and minimize damage to sensitive equipment. Environment friendly. Zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. Simple installation, with small storage space.

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