FK-5112 HFC-227ea Automatic Fire Suppression System For Control Room

Product Category: Fire Protection
Product Brand: China Fire Safety

Cabinet type FM200 fire system devices are generally used in conjunction with fire detectors, fire alarm fire extinguishing controllers, emergency start/stop buttons, sound and light alarms, deflation indicators and other fire fighting equipment. When a fire occurs in the protection area, the temperature and smoke detectors will send out a fire signal. After the logic analysis of the automatic fire alarm and extinguishing controller, it will send out a sound and light composite alarm signal, and at the same time send out a linkage command to turn off the linkage equipment. After a delay time, a fire extinguishing command is issued, the solenoid valve driver is opened, the container valve is opened, the fire extinguishing agent is released, and the fire is extinguished; if the duty officer discovers a fire, he can press the emergency start button outside the protective area door to implement the fire extinguishing operation ; There is also a manual button on the solenoid valve driver, and mechanical emergency manual operation can also be used to extinguish fire in an emergency.

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