XP95 Open-Area VAD Cat. W – White Body (White Flash) (W-2.4-6)

Product Category: Apollo Fire Alarm
Product Type: AV-VAD
Product Brand: Apollo Fire


The XP95 Open-Area VAD Cat. W has been developed as a primary or supplementary alarm device for use in situations where there is a risk that sounders will not be heard. This occurs, for example, where there is a high background noise e.g. in a workshop or a machine room. It might also be required where deaf or hearing impaired persons may be present.

Uses high intensity LED (white flash only)
EN 54-23 Compliant Category W. VAD
Coverage W-2.4-6
Automatic LED check when VAD activated
Flash rate 0.5Hz
Fault signal if LED check failed
Locking mechanism (grub screw)
Wide angle of visibility
Synchronised with the Apollo Protocol

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