Conventional Open-Area Sounder VAD Cat. W – Red Body (Red Flash) (W-2.4-7.5)

29600-807 Sonos Pulse conventional wall mounted Sounder Visual Alarm Devices are available with a white and red flash colour. The white flash variant has an EN 54-23 approved coverage pattern of W-3.1-11.3, whereas the red flash variant has a coverage pattern of W-2.4-7.5. The sounder has an a SPL of up to 97dB. EN 54-23 […]

Orbis Optical Smoke Detector – Flashing LED

ORB-OP-12003-APO The Orbis Optical Smoke Detector operates on the well-established light scatter principle. The sensing technology used is radically different from previous optical detectors and significantly reduces false alarms. Responds well to slow-burning, smouldering fires FasTestĀ® takes just four seconds to test and confirm detectors are functioning correctly Transient rejection algorithms reduce false alarms Automatic […]

XP95A Heat Detector – UL521 7th Edition

SA5500-450APO   The XP95A Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single thermistor which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. It is classified as an ordinary detector by UL. Compatible with all devices from the latest UL268 7th Edition approved XP95A range Electronic temperature sensing Backwards compatible with legacy XP95A systems […]

Intelligent Test Set

The Apollo Test Set is a portable test unit featuring a touch screen display capable of providing several functions in interrogating and controlling all devices connected to the unit, either individual devices or compete circuits of analogue addressable devices in the Apollo ranges (CoreProtocol, Discovery and XP95). Loop connection ports for individual addressing or fault […]

Flame Detector Test Set

The Flame Detector Test Set is a tool which is designed to test flame detectors without the need of real flames. Mimics the characteristics of real flames

Visual Indicator Enclosure

The Visual Indicator Enclosure is weatherproof and allows Apollo’s loop-powered visual indicator to be used in high moisture environments such as swimming pools and food processing areas where wash-down occurs. The enclosure is supplied with a mounting bracket to accept a Discovery or XP95 base. Protects against water ingress Allows visual indicators to be used […]

Mounting Plate (Sounder) 6″

The Mounting Plate is an accessory that allows sounder bases to be surface mounted. Can be surface mounted Aesthetically pleasing Disguises any blemishes or marks left beneath

Mounting Plate (Sounder)

The Mounting Plate allows surface-mounted cabling to be fitted to a loop-powered sounder base. Ease of installation

MiniDisc Remote Indicator

The MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a light-weight, compact, red LED indicator for use in fire protection systems. Can be used across the entire Apollo range Small and discrete Anti-tamper screw to protect against unauthorised removal