Copper Tape Clamp For Fixing Flat Conductors In Earthing And Grounding System

Sunlight manufactures, supplies, and exports high-quality earthing and grounding accessories. We offer a range of well-designed copper earth clamps for jointing earth rod to earth tape, earth rod to cable (stranded copper conductor), tape to tape and rebar clamps for earthing and lightning protection systems.

Pure Copper Cable Electrical Lugs Factory Price China Supplier(DT Series)

Pure copper cable electrical lugs are mainly used for the connection and continuation in the end of the cable, thus making the connection between the cable and the electrical appliance more tight and safe connected.Pure Copper Cable Electrical Lug manufactured by SunlightWeld company is made of high conductive copper, now is widely used in constructions, […]

Earth/Ground Resistance Online Detector/Tester China Factory(Non-Explosion proof, Wired)

Earth Resistance Online Detector developed by Sunlight company does not change any design structure of the original grounding system, and adopts on-line monitoring technology such as non-contact measurement, which will not affect the grounding effect and the normal operation of facilities. There is no need for self-test and real-time detection,and The product can be installed […]

Lightning Strike Counter Factory Price China Manufacturer(LCD Version)

Lightning strike counter designed and developed by Sunlight is very usefull in monitoring and countering for surge or lightning strike in the power supply system, which provide first-hand information on whether the installation has suffered a lightning strike or whether there is a need for any subsequent verification or extra maintenanc needed. Sunlight Lightning strike […]

Earth/Ground Resistance Online Tester/Detector/Factory Price(Explosion proof, Wired)

Sunlight Earth/Ground Resistance Online Detector/tester using circuit measurement method to measure the ground resistance, installed in the connection between ground lead and vertical ground, monitoring the connection condition of the grounding lead line through the online detecting, or by calculating the equivalent grounding resistance of the whole grounding grid through the grounding resistance value, so […]

99.9% Copper Bonded Steel Wire Coil For Earth Rod Factory Price China(IEC,UL listed)

Copper bonded steel grounding conductor has better performance in mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, electrical performance and life large grounding area or long distance grounding, The length of copper bonded steel rod is less than 6 meters, when laying a large area horizontally, it needs to be connected every 6 meters, the huge number of […]