99.9%Copper Bonded/Clad Steel Earth Rod Factory Price China Supplier (IEC,UL listed)

The copper bonded earth rod belongs to the single-piece form of the copper-steel composite. The copper layer is made of copper with a purity of 99.9%, and the steel core is a high-quality carbon structural steel, which forms a composite metal material with high bonding force. It is mainly used for the vertical grounding electrode […]

99.9% Copper Bonded Steel Tape Coil For Grounding Factory Price China(IEC,ULlisted)

Copper bonded steel grounding wire coil is a bimetallic composite material composed of an internal steel core and an external copper layer. It not only has high mechanical properties of steel, but also has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. In terms of product form, we use a single individual package with a […]

Exothermic welding factory price for rail industry or cable to rail(IEEE837,UL,IEC,CE,ROHs)

DW-exothermic weld powder(low temperature heat) developed by Sunlightweld can prevent the production of martenite and bainite during welding, and now is mainly used for rail flow line, rail return line, rail jumper, rail bond(continuous line), and rail cables,etc. Because of its good conductive performance, reliable connection effect, persistent vibration-resistance characteristics, it has been widely applied in the subway, light rail, trams and railway transportation.

Electronic Ignition Exothermic Weld Factory Price China(IEEE837, UL467,US patent)

The new generation of electronic ignition exothermic welding manufactured by Sunlightweld factory is also suitable for various connection forms of traditional exothermic welding. it is more environmental-friendly, user-friendly and cost-effective, which can improve welding capabilities thus bring you at least more 20%-30% profits.

Sunlightweld Exothermic Graphite Mold/Mould Factory Price(100 connections)

Exothermic welding graphite mold/mould manufactured by Sunlightweld factory is designed to last for an average of 60 to 100 connections, providing a permanent molecular connection for all electrical grounding applications. Graphite mould is made of high quality graphite suitable for high quality welding work and every type of exothermic graphite mold is designed specifically for […]

Exothermic Welding/Thermal Weld Powder Wholesale China Factory Price

Exothermic welding manufactured by Sunlightweld factory has IEEE837, UL467, IEC62561-1, CE and ROHs certification, welding powder/thermal weld powder produces high quality electrical connection between different metals (Copper to Copper / Copper to Steel), It is a reaction of copper oxide and aluminium inside a mould that forms a permanent joint by igniting weld powder with flint […]

Electronic Ignition Exothermic Weld Advantages and Factory Price China

Exothermic welding Electronic Ignition(E-Plus) manufactured by Sunlightweld is the third generation of our weld product series, compared with the traditional exothermic welding products, E-Plus type exothermic welding focus on permanent bonding with more environmental-friendly, user-friendly,safer operation and cost-effective. Lead Time: 1-2 workdays(average), within 7 workdays(for large&bulk orders) After-sale service(within 24hrs): Any product quality problems occurs, […]