Dry Chemical Powder Skid

Product Category: Foam Fire Suppression
Product Type: Customised Engineering System Solutions
Product Brand: Fire Tech
  • Firetech DCP Skid system typically comprises of steel pressure vessel, cylinder with manifolds, valves, gas release arrangements, hose stations, monitors, pressure gauges and safety valves.
  • Once the system is actuated nitrogen gas pressurises the tank, the nozzles fitted in the bottom fluidize the powder. Once the required pressure is achieved, the powder dispensed through the manifold to hose line.
  • Firetech DCP Skid can be designed in single or twin storage pressure cylinders. System can be used on Deck for offshore to discharge powder across the whole cargo area at required capacity. Central system feeds the powder from central storage to the on-deck hose stations and monitors.
  • Firetech DCP Skid can also be operated remotely from the release boxes through the pilot cylinders, or even manually through the dry powder unit. Thus giving operational flexibility.
  • UL listed dry chemical powder can be provided.
  • Firetech DCP Skid is totally a Self-contained with hose Jeels and monitors with capacities Up to 2000 Kgs. The unit can be Trailer mounted optionally. Typical Nitrogen charging pressure is around 150 Kg/cm2.

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