Twin Agent Skid

Product Category: Foam Fire Suppression
Product Type: Customised Engineering System Solutions
Product Brand: Fire Tech
  • As fire is evolving extremely hazardous fires will require high skills and evolved agents. Firetech Twin Agent Fire Suppression Systems technology combines the fast knockdown capability of a dry chemical powder with the firefighting capabilities of aqueous film-forming foam.
  • Firetech twin-agent is a very effective for extinguishing and securing for many flammable liquid fires. Commonly used in petroleum and petrochemical, marine, natural gas, and aviation.
  • Firetech Twin Agent System combines effectiveness of two proven and powerful firefighting agents Dry chemical agent and Firetech AFFF. Potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical provides rapid knockdown and suppression of flammable liquid fires.
  • Firetech AFFF is synthetic, aqueous film-forming foam that forms a blanket of thin floating layer on the fuel thus sealing the flammable vapours from escaping and cooling the same.
  • Firetech Twin Agent System is very easy to operate and can be actuated a one person. Optionally an additional hose reel can be provided for additional firefighting personal. Multiple mounting options of skid, trailer and vehicle available.
  • Consisting of pre-mixed foam solution tank, DCP tank, Pressurised Nitrogen tank, foam hose Reel and accessories. Suitable for multiple class of hazards such as flammable liquids, gases and hydrocarbons.
  • Electrical & Remote actuation (optional) No external electric power & foam proportioning equipment required

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