Smoke Capsule (Pack of 3)

29600-464 Testifire Capsules use the latest technology stimuli generation and delivery, eliminating detector contamination and damage risk through controlled release.

Intelligent Test Set

SA7800-870APO The Apollo Test Set is a portable test unit featuring a touch screen display capable of providing several functions in interrogating and controlling all devices connected to the unit, either individual devices or compete circuits of analogue addressable devices in the Apollo ranges (CoreProtocol, Discovery and XP95). Loop connection ports for individual addressing or […]

XPERT 7 Base Cover

45681-380APO Base Covers are available as part of the Series 65 and XP95 ranges.

Visual Indicator Enclosure

29600-318       Slide 1 of 2 Slide 1 and 1 of 2 The Visual Indicator Enclosure is weatherproof and allows Apollo’s loop-powered visual indicator to be used in high moisture environments such as swimming pools and food processing areas where wash-down occurs. The enclosure is supplied with a mounting bracket to accept a […]

Mounting Plate (Sounder) 6″

45681-600APO The Mounting Plate is an accessory that allows sounder bases to be surface mounted. Can be surface mounted Aesthetically pleasing Disguises any blemishes or marks left beneath

Mounting Plate (Sounder)

45681-311APO The Mounting Plate allows surface-mounted cabling to be fitted to a loop-powered sounder base. Ease of installation

MiniDisc Remote Indicator

53832-070APO The MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a light-weight, compact, red LED indicator for use in fire protection systems. Can be used across the entire Apollo range Small and discrete Anti-tamper screw to protect against unauthorised removal

Manual Call Point Transparent Hinged Cover

26729-152 The Transparent Hinged Cover is for use with XP95 and Discovery Manual Call Points and can be fitted to add further protection against accidental operation. Locking tag (available separately) Reduces risk of vandalism