Smoke Capsule (Pack of 3)

29600-464 Testifire Capsules use the latest technology stimuli generation and delivery, eliminating detector contamination and damage risk through controlled release.

Flame Detector Test Set

29600-226 The Flame Detector Test Set is a tool which is designed to test flame detectors without the need of real flames. Mimics the characteristics of real flames

Orbis Base Cover

45681-519APO A waterproof cover is designed for the Orbis Base – Heated.

MiniDisc Remote Indicator

53832-070APO The MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a light-weight, compact, red LED indicator for use in fire protection systems. Can be used across the entire Apollo range Small and discrete Anti-tamper screw to protect against unauthorised removal

Manual Call Point Transparent Hinged Cover

26729-152 The Transparent Hinged Cover is for use with XP95 and Discovery Manual Call Points and can be fitted to add further protection against accidental operation. Locking tag (available separately) Reduces risk of vandalism

Deckhead Mounting Box – Metal (M20)

29600-139 The Deckhead Mounting Box gives extra protection to devices to be fitted in areas where there is the possibility of moisture or condensaton ingressing through the rear of the base. The new version is suitable for a wider range of detector bases as well as Apollo’s AV bases. Protects against water ingress Improved performance […]

Deckhead Mounting Box

45681-217APO The Deckhead Mounting Box protects bases, sounder and sounder Visual Indicator bases from the ingress of water or other liquids. Protects against water ingress and provides improved performance Suitable for a variety of Apollo bases

Conduit Box

45681-204APO The Conduit Box is a versatile accessory for surface mounting Apollo bases. The box has knockouts to accept PG16 or M20 cable glands, conduit or mini trunking. Self-tapping screws are included to fit the detector base to the conduit box. Easy to install Aesthetically pleasing Colour matched to detector and base

Ceiling Tile Mounting Box (Detector)

45681-309APO The Ceiling Tile Mounting Box has been designed to make the installation of detectors and sounders quick and easy prior to the fitting of a false ceiling. No need for separate backbox Can be used with tiles up to 25mm thick Quick and easy installation


45681-233APO The Backplate provides a high degree of protection against the ingress of water or dust into the back of a detector mounted directly onto a mounting box. Protects against dust and dirt ingress Improved performance Fits Discovery, XP95, Orbis, Series 65 and AlarmSense bases