Anti-corrosion Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera

ZAS661-IR is explosion proof thermal imaging camera Stainless Steel, which built-in large aperture high sensitivity thermal imaging camera, and equipped with 360° integrated anti-corrosion pan tilt, to achieve marine environment monitoring requirements.

ZAY210 Explosion proof pan tilt

ZAY210 is explosion proof pan tilt, which is design to load Zuoan fixed type explosion proof camera, such as ZAF100B, ZAF102, ZAF105, ZAF103, ZAF1031. With pan tilt station, our explosion proof camera can realise auto tracking at any direction.

ZAJ302 Explosion Proof Wireless Router

ZAJ302 explosion proof wireless router is a technically matured Ex surveillance equipment. It can accommodate a certain size electrics accessory. Gaining strong protection from its stainless steel closure, ZAJ302 products have been extensively applied in hazardous areas with explosive gases and dusts.

CZ300 Explosion Proof Control Box

Having obtained Group II explosion proof certification and (T) level temperature certification, CZ300 explosion proof control box is adapted for hazardous areas which consist of air mixed with explosive gas of group IIA, IIB, IIC, T1~T6, and explosive dust. It’s been widely used in explosion-prone places e.g. refining, oil extraction, gas production, chemical engineering, grain […]

ZAJ340 explosion proof box

ZAJ340 is a large explosion proof box, which can load DVR, NVR, network switch, optical fiber transceiver.