Appleton APDAH and APDSH Series Customized Enclosures

Product Category: Electrical Explosion Proof
Product Brand: Appleton


  • Enclosures are designed to facilitate electrical connections in hazardous areas as a Junction Box and Control Panels
  • Enclosues may be customized to house terminal blocks, and a large range of components; i.e. control units, breakers, starters, relays, meters, etc.
  • Designed for use in Zone 1 or 2 areas, where flammable gases or vapors are present either continuously or intermittently.
  • Ideal for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres.
    • Petroleum, chemical refineries and other industrial process facilities.
  • Designed for use in Zone 21 or 22 areas, where flammable dusts are present either continuously or intermittently.
    • Food processing, dairy, brewing, silos and other facilities.


  • Enclosures are available in 4 sizes for Power Distribution and Automation Application.
  • Precision machined flameproof joint between body and cover.
  • External Fixing Brackets.
  • Internal Mounting Plate.
  • Internal Earth: Mounting Plate provided with a Screw of size M5 to M10.
  • External Earth: M8 to M12 screw.
  • Operating temperature –20oC to +55oC
  • IK10 (20 Joules) high impact resistant box.

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