Deluge Valve Skids

Product Category: Foam Fire Suppression
Product Type: Deluge Valve & Skid Systems
Product Brand: Fire Tech
  • Firetech Deluge Value skids are packaged to control the flow of water or water/foam solution in fixed fire suppression, cooling or gas containment systems. This system is typically intended to provide continuous introduction of foam liquid concentrates, in adequate ratio, into a water stream flowing under pressure in piping.
  • UL Listed modular package of Firetech Deluge Value skids consists of deluge valves, isolation valves, strainer and other accessories. Deluge Valve Sizes include 50 NB, 80 NB, 100 NB, 150 NB & 200 NB.
  • Firetech Deluge Skids supplied can be manufactured in a variety of different materials such as Ductile iron, cast steel, Ni. Al Bronze with deluge valves in Ductile iron, Cast steel and Ni-Al Bronze.
  • Firetech Deluge Value skids is pre wired with all water connections have flanged ends to provide minimal installation time. Typical package includes inlet, outlet, bypass valves, pressure switches, solenoid valve, common drain and flanged connection for detection network.
  • System can be customized to conform to any required safety integrity level. Deluge foam system can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Customizations include deluge system piping on open frame or inside cabinet and the choice of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical signals or Pre-action double interlock for the release mechanism.

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