High Expansion Foam Generators

Product Category: Foam Fire Suppression
Product Type: Foam Generator
Product Brand: Fire Tech

Firetech Portable and fixed foam generators are hydraulically powered High Expansion Foam Generators is designed to achieve 1:350 to 1:600 i.e every one gallon of foam solution can generate 350 to 600 gallons of foam solution, depending on the generator selected, solution flow rate and operating pressure. This expansion ratio is optimum to provide the right combination of expansion, wetness and water retention for best fire performance.

A water driven motored fan is used to create the high expansion foam solution. This allows the water powered high expansion generator to be a self-sufficient with no requirement of external power for operation. The continuous flow of the foam solution and along with air through the screen large volumes of foam when needed.

Firetech HI-EX, 2 PERCENT Foam Concentrate is environment friendly to be used with Firetech high expansion foam generating equipment. the Foam Concentrate is proportioned at 2% concentration

  • Flow Range: 200 LPM -1000 LPM
  • Expansion Ratio: 1:500 – 1:600
  • Inlet size: 50 NB /65 NB flanged
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • No outside power Source required
  • UL listed
  • Compatible with Firetech UL listed HI-EX 2% high expansion foam

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