Remote Operated Water Cum Foam Monitor

Product Category: Foam Fire Suppression
Product Type: Foam & Water Monitor
Product Brand: Fire Tech

High Volume Remote Operated Monitors from Firetech are designed to be mounted at elevated positions for fixed applications. These monitors can be programmable for oscillation, as well be overridden to be operated remotely through the use of switches on a control panel. Apart manual operation can also be accomplished through the hand-wheels.

Firetech Remote operated are ideal discharge devises of water and foam solutions for fighting fire especially when reach of Operator or Firemen is limited in flammable or toxic chemical vapour and other hazards to protect refineries, chemical processing areas, ship loading docks, etc.

Electric Components can be with Ex-d (Flame Proof / Explosion Proof) Certifications like ATEX, PESO etc for Applications in Hazardous Area. Monitors with Remote Control Mechanism can be stand-alone or Multiple Monitors can be controlled with single control panel.

  • Flow: 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 GPM
  • Stainless Steel waterway
  • Motor operated horizontal and vertical movement
    • 360° continuous horizontal rotation
    • +90°, – 45º- vertical Rotation
  • Monitors Approvals – UL Listed
  • Electric Components – ATEX, PESO etc

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